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What is the 124 Hike Challenge?

The challenge is a personal challenge to commit to hiking at least once a week.  There are three different challenge options to this challenge –

Essential Series (1 hike a week, for 12 months, 4 weeks a month) thus 52 hikes in 12 months,

Adventure Series (also 52 hikes in a 12 month period with some adventurous objectives – click this link for the objectives),

Lastly for the crazy nature lovers our Ultimate Series (124 hikes in a 12 month period) – because for some of us easy isn’t fun!

When does the 124 Hike Challenge start?

The challenge starts the day you enter and pay for your entry (Starter, Standard or Ultimate Package) and you have 12 months to finish your challenge. We count one hike a day, so essentially if you hike every day, once a day you could finish the Essential and Adventure Series in 52 days. The ultimate series in 124 days.

What is considered a hike?

We’ll loosely count “getting outdoors” as a hike. This includes a park run.

If a measurement must be made, we will say a minimum of 5km each hike. As long as its outside in nature!

For the Adventure Series, can I complete several objectives in one hike?

Sure, but we do encourage you to do each of the objectives separately.  Embracing each activity on it’s one. This is not a race. It’s a journey.

What if I can’t hike every week?

You can hike more than once a week within 52 weeks to catch up if you miss one of the weeks.

What if I fall behind and will not make 52 hikes in a year?

First off keep hiking! If it appears that you will not complete 52 hikes since you started your journey, don’t get discouraged, reflect on how you’ve made progress towards a healthier lifestyle and continue.

Can I repeat the same hikes or do they have to be all new?

Yes, you can do repeat hikes. Of course, a part of the fun is checking out new trails and scenery. We only count one hike a day.

Is there a list of hikes I need to complete?

No, this is about you making a commitment and getting outdoors more.

You are welcome to join “Start Hiking Today” on the hikes we will be hosting.  Our website will soon have participating venues where you will be able to get a 124 Hike Challenge stamp confirming your hike for the day.

How will you keep track of my hikes?

We will be using social media and a bit of the honor system.  To do this, we ask that you post a picture of your hike on social media and tell us what hike number it is by using hashtags. i.e. #124hikecallenge #124hike1 then  #124hikechallenge #124hike2 etc..

In addition, we have provided hiking logs for you to download and strongly encourage you to keep track of your hikes to help you stay motivated.

If I were to go on a multi-day backpacking trip, do I count the whole hike as one, or is each day considered a new hike?

You can count each day as a hike.

I just finished my 52nd hike, now what?

If you have been posting photos and tagging us, we probably know who you are and that you have just made it to our awesome list! Please go to our FINISHER tab and fill in the online form and email your completed logbook to finish@124hikechallenge.co.za Share your experience and inspire others to take the challenge.